Moving on the Wires: This Week’s News and Posts

Hasani Claxton

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*Afrofuturism: A Reading List for Black History Month

*Retelling origin stories of Afrofuturism and The New Jim Crow

*“Grace Jones in concert in ‘A One Man Show’:” Earlier this week, I wrote a post, “Dapper Ladies,” including Grace Jones. Well, Dangerous Minds has also written about the development of her masculine alter ego.

*Hasani Claxton‘s fantasy art featured on Afropunk: “Hasani captures the essence of ancient people of the African diaspora combining ethnic patterns, texture, satire, and scenery along with a recognizable love for nature. With a hint of an African-Medieval feel, Hasani brings to life pre-colonial African history through mythology, portraying Afro people as the beautiful, heroic, and royals that we are. In hopes of one day illustrating artwork for young children, Hasani Claxton continues to create art that conveys the people of the African diaspora as positive forces within the world, contrary to the image society paints us to be.”

*Adrienne Maree Brown’s “science fiction and social justice beginner reading list”

*Rahsaan Roland Kirk (my birthday mate) documentary, The Case of the Three Sided Dream trailer. Also, take a look at the animation for and “Act 1” of the film.

*Star Trek Remembering “Far Beyond the Stars

*”Sanaa Lathan Will Make A Trip To Mars In ‘Ad Inexplorata’:” “In the film, Strong will play a NASA pilot who’s on a one-way mission to Mars, while Lathan will play the Captain of one of four ships making the same trip.”

*Meagan Good to star in upcoming sci-fi drama, Babylon Fields: “In the drama, set in a place called Babylon, NY, the dead are coming back to life, as their bodies regenerate, and they grow stronger than the living, leading to the scary suggestions that they just might be the next step in human evolution. Good has signed up to play a Dr Janine Beltran, local to Babylon, NY, who has “an edge to he,” says the press release.”

*Trailer for The Shattered Mind, a film that highlights the black deaf community: “‘The Shattered Mind’, based in New York, is a psychodrama and surreal story about a hard-of-hearing teenager who juggles family, peer and culture conflicts while in search of her own sexual identity, freedom, and self-realization. Zhane Rain is an intense and carefree high school senior with three generations of hearing and Deaf family members who unravels family secrets behind the traumatic brain injury that caused her deafness.” The director and writer, Jade Bryan is raising money for the film on kickstarter.

*Raye 6 Interview:

*Listen to the second single off of Tunde Olaniran’s upcoming album, Yung Archetype, “The Highway,” which tackles social issues, like gentrification.

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