Art of This World: Myrna Loy (Lady Loy)

Art submission from Myrna Loy:

Loy is a poet, visual artist, author, DJ, Blackbright News Magazine founder and podcaster of Jamaican British descent. She has published two books of poetry and a travelogue — Poetry’s Promise, Poetry’s Teacher, and The Other Side of Tourism. Besides finding and editing Blackbright News, which discusses topics of race and health issues, she also hosts and DJ Loy On Life on Jamrock Radio.

Below is some of her artwork which tends to have a futuristic, fantastical and mystical bent to them as a way to confront race, gender, ethnicity, family, and identity. You can view more of her art here.

"Strangers in Our Midst"
“Strangers in Our Midst”

"The Future Is Now"
“The Future Is Now”
"Nafertiti's Vision"
“Nafertiti’s Vision”
"Blue African"
“Blue African”
"The Phoenix"
“The Phoenix”





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