Moving on the Wires: This Week’s News and Posts

Steven Klein’s “Warrior Stance”

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Speculative Fictions By Women Writers I’m going to Read This Year” on Ladies Finger including works from NK Jeminson, Nnedi Okorafor and Karen Lord.

*”Whitewashing reproductive rights: How black activists get erased” on Salon: “Many in the black community have fought for reproductive justice — but we’re often left out of the story”

*”15 Black Women Visual Artists You Should Know” and “Carrie Mae Weems and Mickalene Thomas Discuss Challenging Boundaries Through Visual Art” on For Harriet.

*Omega Sirius Moon Interview on Slash ‘Em Up.

*”Astroblackness Conference Co Creator, Adilifu Nama Speaks” on iAfrofuturism.

*“Tunde Olaniran on Otherness, Archetypes, and Activism” Interview on AudioFemme and his Flint: A Sci-fi Love Story feature on MLive..

*”Black Kirby Now: Interview with John Jennings

*”Steven Klein’s Surrealist City Aliens” on Okay Africa featuring Sudanese Model Ajak Deng.

*”The Incoherent Backlashes to Black Actors Playing ‘White’ Superheroes” on The Atlantic: “Comics have a history of altering characters’ races and ethnicities, but outcry over Michael B. Jordan’s next role illustrates that, in American racism, only certain differences matter.”

*Neale Huston Interview on Afropunk: “Neale Hurston is not a cheesy gimmick: “Being taken seriously. Being a gay emcee kind of has an underlying tone of what a female emcee goes through, expecting you to sound sexy or majorly flamboyant. Overall breaking down what they think. Ali said “I’m going to show you I’m great because I already know” – and that’s dead truth.”” Listen to his single “Robot B-Boy.”

*”Dream Defenders Bring Us Blacked Out History Month:” “Blacked-Out History Month is an effort to highlight individuals, moments, and important facts throughout history that were left out of our history classes but made a tremendous impact on the world that we live in today. February 1st to the 28th is usually the one month out of the year dedicated to honoring and remembering Black history. As Dream Defenders, we revere this history and know that every day in our work we stand on the shoulders of giants.”

*Blogging While Brown’s Net Neutrality Conversation

*”FEATURE: Artist Samuel Rodriguez – Science Interpreted Through Art” on Afropunk: “With the combination of geometric shapes, natural hues, and unique facial structures, artist Samuel Rodriguez exemplifies his outlook on the world’s ethnicities through colorful and textured paintings. As I look on and admire his artistry, I interpret the geometric shapes he uses as an essential value that not only make up part of our humanistic essence, but is also relatable to an omnipresent structure in everyday life. The spectrum of diverse shades of beauty serves the world balance that is indeed necessary and much appreciated.”

*New Music:

Jocelyne Ellis’ Life of a Hologram: “A futuristic folk opera taking a glimpse at our world 2000 years from now.” Watch the video for “System Distortion.

Moor Mother Goddess’ Kongo Cosmogram: “Another soulfully haunting mind-trip experience from her. Familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.”

Kid Cudi’s Satellite Flight: Journey to the Mother Moon: “Cinematic sound and concept as well. Cudi get on that film.”

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